See what I did there? 

The most popular conversation topic when speaking to a prospective consignor is naturally the topic of fees. This is to be expected, as we certainly aren’t meeting to discuss quantum physics and the Observer Effect. We’re getting down to brass tax. So it’s natural to educate the person we work with on why our 40% fee is not only fair (and 10% less than the standard for consignment shops across NYC), but actually in their favor.

As a casual seller (assuming you do not do this as your business) you need to know that even if you sell a handbag yourself for $100, you are not coming away with $100. It’s actually more likely going to be closer to $73, which is 73%.

So in this case, the consignor is not paying DealBlip 40%, they are paying closer to 27%.

Here’s an example of a $100 handbag sale:

eBay charges various fees for sales, however for the sale of a handbag eBay charges a fee of 10%.

PayPal (the service used by eBay for sending and receiving payments) charges 2.9% *(of the final sale price + any shipping charged to the buyer) +$0.30. For the purposes of this example, I will assume you offered free shipping.

To ship a high end bag in the proper box without squishing, bending, or harming the integrity of the bag and without going over in weight ( which would incur extra fees), you typically need to ship in a medium flat rate box which is $13.60 at any weight, as long as it fits.

$100 – $10 – *$3.29 – $13.60 = $73.11

We know how to get you more for your item. We’ve done all the leg work: Staging lights, backdrops, presentation racks, mannequins, high resolution photography, storage, shipping relationships, extensive research, market analysis, and EXPERIENCE. Within this difference in your sale price and the sale price DealBlip can get for you is where we collect our fee, while doing all the work for you! Win/Win!

How do we earn this fee from you? Click HERE to read more about our services to our consignors and buyers.

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